Tiny Xplorers an interactive, hands-on learning center where children can make meaningful discoveries matching their individual interests, independently or with their parents. Tiny Xplorers combines learning with an active social environment through dynamic and constantly evolving programs that also integrate STEAM and Digital Media Arts. Activities can vary from structured to independent exploration.

Social Interactions

Social interactions are important in the development of all children. As they grow they become interested and enjoy interacting with others, learning social behaviors (sharing, cooperating, and respecting others) while developing communication and cognitive motor skills.

Team & Media Digital Arts

We nurture children’s curiosity by allowing them to engage in a world that promotes learning science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art (STEAM).

Creativity & Imagination

At Tiny Xplorers, children have the opportunity to engage in creative experiences in the Spotlight Theatre, reading in Chapters, learning about health in Band Aids, imagining their future career in Hometown Heroes or learning how to use engineering skills in our play center.

Imaginative Play Areas

At Tiny Xplorers, children have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning in one of its 8 imaginative play areas.
Each imaginative play area provides young children with critical learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies, while promoting parent-child interactions for improved gross motor skills, peer group leadership, and cognitive development.
At Tiny Xplorers’s imaginative play areas, children will be able to tap into their innate curiosity about the living world through exploration and inquiry. Imaginative play happens when children use their imagination to create pretend and make believe scenarios. According to Kathy Eugster, a clinical counselor and certified play specialist, imaginative and creative play is a more natural way for children to learn about the world.

We Support

Tiny Xplorers supports The Child Crisis Center of El Paso by offering Tiny Xplorers to the children of the center for free one day out of the month and holding charity drives throughout the year to aid the center in supplies for those in need. 

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso

The Child Crisis Center now has a long history of providing crisis shelter care to young children, newborn through 13 years in our Circle of Love Nursery and Children’s Shelter.  The Center continues to develop progressive and innovative approaches to working with families and children.  Other communities in Texas have called upon the Center, requesting advice and assistance in establishing similar programs.

Services are provided to families throughout the El Paso community, regardless of residency, income, age, ethnicity or culture.  The range of services runs from immediate crisis intervention when a family is facing an emergency to longer-term education.  Homeless families, families facing medical emergencies, long-term chronic health problems, substance abuse issues and families with incarcerated persons are all served on a daily basis.

In addition to the shelter, the Child Crisis Center has a menu of programs that aim to proactively curb the proliferation of child abuse and neglect.

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