Imaginative Play Areas

At Tiny Xplorers, children have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning in one of its 8 imaginative play areas.
Each imaginative play area provides young children with critical learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies, while promoting parent-child interactions for improved gross motor skills, peer group leadership, and cognitive development.
At Tiny Xplorers’s imaginative play areas, children will be able to tap into their innate curiosity about the living world through exploration and inquiry. Imaginative play happens when children use their imagination to create pretend and make believe scenarios. According to Kathy Eugster, a clinical counselor and certified play specialist, imaginative and creative play is a more natural way for children to learn about the world.


At Chapters, children can explore a variety of age-appropriate stories in a traditional or digital format. Here children can experience tangible play with real-world pieces using Osmo educational system for iPad. They can engage in imaginative play using puppets, dolls, and/or stuffed animals. They act out roles from a story with movements, props, and sound. Children can pretend to be the wolf from Little Red Ridding Hood. Using movement and role-play to respond to the story helps children develop communication skills and understand things in the real-world.

Are you looking for e-books for your child? We have teamed up with This company has set aside books for Early Childhood education to help parents quickly identify books for their Tiny Xplorer!


Bandaids is Tiny Xplorers hospital where children use dramatic play to act out things from daily life. They become the doctors, veterinarians, mothers, fathers, firefighters, first responders _ whatever children imagine. They use play medical kits on dolls or stuffed animals as patients. The interact with child size version of tools they see during their visit to the pediatrician or when they take their pets to the vet. You might be amazed by how children see people and events that happen in their every-day life.


Hometown Heroes is where we honor our community helpers. We want to encourage children to acknowledge the contributions that members of our community make every day to help and to protect us. Children will find a variety of costumes they can wear and use tools our home town heroes utilize in their real jobs.


Tiny Bites is the grocery store/cafe. Children are able to recreate the experiences they have while grocery shopping with their family or going out to eat. They can be chef’s, servers, cashiers, or customers. What might not be apparent, however, is the extraordinary learning and development that is taking place as they pretend to run the store, serve at the cafe or cook the meals. Children learn to deal with the big wide world in a tiny world setting.


Spotlight is the theatre where children let their imagination soar while they engage in activities involving music, movement and dance. They can dress up as their their favorite movie character using any of the costumes available to enact the fantasy stories, sing a song, perform a play, conduct a talent show, tap dance or play an instrument. When little performers act out their roles, they are copying what they have seeing in the outside world to get a better understanding of themselves within it in a safe and secure environment.


Kidstruction, the visual art and creation station. Children to use their imagination and creativity to build anything they can dream of using a variety of resources.


Playground is our play area where we use compelling, interactive, educational digital content to engage students in active, physical play.

Xplorers Academy is the instructor-lead learning center, where children’s natural curiosity is nurtured by allowing them to engage with the world in ways that can promote learning in the sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and art (STEAM).

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