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Promoting physical and cognitive development through imaginative play and exploration.




To provide children with essential real-world learning experiences needed for success in school and creating a foundation for life-long learning.




Tiny Xplorers is an interactive, hands-on learning center where children can make meaningful discoveries matching their individual interests, independently or with their parents. Tiny Xplorers combines learning with an active social environment through dynamic and constantly evolving programs that also integrate STEAM and Digital Media Arts. Our activities can vary from structured to independent exploration. 


We provide children with fun learning experiences that encourage social interactions while engaging their minds, hearts, and bodies. Social interactions are known to improve:

Gross motor skills

Peer relationships

Cognitive development


Our daily activities nurture children’s curiosity by allowing them to engage in a world that promotes learning science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art (STEAM). 



We believe:

  • Families are children's first teacher and should remain their best  teacher throughout life

  • In connecting families to each other and to their community

  • Diversity and inclusion offer a wealth of cultural assets that enrich children's lives

  • In nurturing a passion for creativity and learning through play

  • Encouraging divergent thinking to maintain children's motivation and passion for learning

  • In giving back to community organizations that promote services that can improve the lives of young children

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