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Your child's safety at your fingerprints

Do not be caught unprepared.  In a child's life a few seconds matter. 

With Kid Print, the first-ever digital fingerprint scanner for smartphones, you can hold your child’s secure security profile in the palm of your hand at all times.



The Kid Print Child ID app has been created to provide parents with peace of mind. Files in this app are fully encrypted for your privacy and security and are stored only on your phone.  If ever needed at the click of a button you can create a PDF of each safety profile and can send it by email to law enforcement officials, instantly.


Visit the KidPrint website for more information

Download the KidPrint App

Developmental Milestones

Adventure Guide

It is important to learn how your child's motor, communication, thinking, and social skills are developing. Find out how The Way to Play Adventure Guide provides you with simple and entertaining play activities. These activities are designed to help you better understand your child’s developmental milestones. 


At Tiny Xplorers we encourage children to engage in creative thinking by engaging them in interactive play. 


Download Developmental Milestones Guide 

What can I expect as my child develops?

American Academy of Pediatrics

AAP Website

By 6 months:

• Rolls both ways (front to back, back to front)

• Sits without support

• Responds to own name

• Explores toys with hands and mouth

• Looks for partially hidden objects

• Imitates sounds that you make

• Transfers objects from one hand to the other

• Makes “happy” and “sad” noises


By 12 months:

• Scoots or crawls

• Walks with or without support

• Babbles and says “Mama” and “Dada”

• Responds to simple requests

• Pokes and points with index finger

• Uses thumb and index finger to pick up small items

• Has strong preference for primary caregiver

• Imitates gestures like a wave or a kiss


By 18 months:

• Climbs onto and down from furniture assisted

• Points to pictures in a book with index finger

• Stacks items such as books

• Knows three body parts

• Uses several words including “no” and “mine”

• Plays with toys by their function (phone, comb, cups)

• Tries to activate a toy (winding, flipping switch, pushing)

• Does things for attention and looks for a reaction


By 24 months:

• Kicks a ball and can walk on tiptoes

• Begins to run

• Uses simple sentences of 2 or more words

• Follows simple directions (e.g., “hand me your book”)

• Sorts items by color, shape and size

• Is learning to share and take turns

• Scribbles and may begin to copy vertical lines and circles

Recites repeated phrases from well-known books


By 36 months:

• Catches a ball against chest

• Undresses and unties shoes

• Names actions in pictures (e.g., running, crying)

• Answers “what” and “where” questions

Categorizes by group (trucks, animals, foods)

• Completes 4 to 5 piece puzzles

• When looking at books, can tell the difference between

words and pictures

• Starts to make friends


By 4 years:

• Steers a tricycle or pedal car around objects

• Colors within lines and can draw a face

• Knows opposites (hot/cold; big/little)

• Asks “when” “why” and “how” questions

• Uses regular past tense (“ed”)

• Correctly counts out 10 items (1-1 correspondence)

• Recognizes name in print

• Pretends by role playing


By 5 years:

• Balances on one foot, skips and jumps forward

• Cuts out shapes with scissors

• Understands 13,000 words

• Answers questions about a story

• Compares amounts using words like “more”, “less”, “same”

• Plays simple board games

• Acts out plays and stories

• Understands rules



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